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Embed MCQ reading checks onto any
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Good writing has a rhythm. It has a cadence. Imagine if we could tuck in multiple-choice questions within the ebbs and flows of good writing. We’d have students practicing recall while staying engaged.

It’s what I would’ve wanted as a students who loved reading articles in class but hated tearing my eyes away from the article to answer questions on a separate piece of paper. Nothing worse than having to find your place in the article over and over again every 5 minutes.

I knew there had to be a better way. So I called a friend on Discord, and we made it. Seriously. We allow teachers to edit webpages on their screen, send the data containing those edits to our server, and then recreate those edits on students' screens. Try clicking the green button on the left side of this screen, and then press anywhere else on the screen. Experience the easiest to use EdTech tool for both teachers and students. Ever.

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